Green Tree osteopathy

a family of osteopaths spanning 3 generations


Jane's first experience with osteopathy was an early one. Her father William would encourage Jane to observe people whilst walking in the park or along the beach. He stressed that listening and observing were your first port of diagnosis which has stood her in good stead since she qualified in 1965. 

Jane qualified from the College of Osteopaths, and began practising with her father for 8 years before setting up in Mill Hill.

In the earlier years Jane specialised in paediatric osteopathy. As Jane gained experience, her range of patients broadened, treating patients from farmers to opera singers, city workers to sporting personel. With this broad range, Jane developed her skills and incorporates the patient's psychology whilst assessing. Jane also works with patients through their pregnancies and postnatal periods.

Jane was the president of the College of Osteopaths in 1980's and was also chairman of the board of Governors carrying out this position for 13 years. During this time she was invited to represent osteopathy at the Council for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 

In 1989 Jane was invited to participate in the King's Fund working party on osteopathy, which eventually became the Bill on osteopathy and ultimately the Osteopathic Act in 1993. Following this, Jane was one of the first members of the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).

Jane is still very keen in promoting osteopathy and believes in continued professional development training. Click here to see where Jane practices osteopathy.

As her father William always taught her 'You never stop learning'.