Green Tree osteopathy

a family of osteopaths spanning 3 generations


Born in 1899 in Budapest, Hungary, William studied and qualified as a doctor in Prague in 1926 and specialised in gynecological medicine. 

William arrived as a refugee in 1939 to Britain. In order to be recognised as a doctor in the UK he had to requalify in Edinburgh. Whilst undergoing post-mortem work he noticed that a common factor among the bodies was degenerative conditions, including osteoarthritis. This sparked William to attempt to find a cure for osteoarthritis. He mentioned this idea to his wife Anne, who introduced him to an osteopath in 1946.

William studied osteopathy at the British School of Osteopathy, qualifying in 1948. He specialised in treating children, whilst teaching osteopathy at the British School of Osteopathy. William ran an osteopathic practise in the West End, and later in Hendon. 

He was highly respected in his diagnostic skills drawing from his knowledge as a doctor and years of experience in hospital work in Prague at Charles University Hospital. William combined this with his knowledge in osteopathy and was very successful. 

William was known to treat his patients for hours on end, sometimes without accepting payment. Often William's children recall sitting on a train, and their father would observe a fellow passenger in pain and would offer treatment there and then. 

​William was involved in the early development of the College of Osteopaths in the 1960's. In spite of ill health, William worked up until the week before he passed away aged 75. 

He leaves behind a legacy with his children and grandchildren to help and heal people, using his holistic approach as an inspiration.